BAILUN BIO is to provide complete sets of bioreactor (fermentation) and the control of manufacturer and technical service, products include bioreactor (fermentation), animal cells bioreactor, biological reactor bed, biological wave bed bioreactor, shake the bottle machine and control system, etc., can produce 0.1 L - 1000 kl volume of the bioreactor, with the Chinese dream, our biological engineering equipment contributes their strength from China to the world. Company products are used in Europe, America, southeast Asia, Africa, South America, Russia and other countries and regions, especially in southeast Asia, it is the biggest overseas market.


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Companies in jiangsu lianyungang sinpo development zone was established in 2009, lianyungang bailun biological technology co., LTD., is responsible for the production of mechanical parts and tanks, the company in 2010 passed the ISO9001 quality system certification and the European Union CE certification, my company's products in strict accordance with international quality standards.


We are in long-term research, on the basis of foreign advanced bioreactor, we are fully absorb the international advanced experience of the automatic bioreactor industry, according to Chinese national conditions and long-term survey of market demand, developed the technology with international practice, suitable for domestic use of cost-effective in high-end series of complete sets of biological fermentation tank. Our company produces the fermentation tank which is guaranteed, vigorously innovated, making the equipment more optimization process.


We has a large number of experienced, fermentation technology, biochemical equipment and chemical engineer, and there are more than domestic famous experts and scholars as my company's long-term technical consultants, to ensure the products of our company have a strong and stable technical foundation. Shanghai accessions with professional technology and sincere and pragmatic spirit to provide clients with professional characteristics of service product innovation and technology is the core of the higher technology products best of the lead, ensure that customers use satisfaction is higher pursuit of forever, best adhere to customer interests as its own duty is lower and the company's core values


The bioreactor is mainly used for the family of e. coli, yeast, fungi, insect cells, plant cells and animal cell culture and so on, its application field has medicinal vaccine, animal vaccines, antibodies, microbial fermentation, tissue engineering and stem cell cultivation, recombinant protein drugs, antibiotics, enzymes, and biofuels and other laboratory research and pilot, also can be used as the scale of production of seeds cans, or used in colleges and universities teaching demonstration.


Best technology characteristic briefly


Product every detail embodies the principle of we consider for the customer everywhere, equipment parts as far as possible using standard parts, key parts try to same products in Europe, in order to assure the quality of the products, optimize the line at the same time, convenient maintenance in operation and maintenance, reduce the use of customer cost; System is compact, beautiful, take up less space; Simplifying the manual operation part, reduce the workload, reduce operating accidents and so on.


Safe, simple, precise, reliable, durable is the principle of manufacturing our products.


Small scale bioreactor / fermentor
Pilot scale bioreactor / fermentor
Industry scale bioreactor / fermentor
Solid bioreactor / fermentor